Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rose City Comicon

© Ryan Christensen 2013
Comicon. It's a thing I've held mixed preconceptions of for a long time. But now I'm setting them aside to prepare for what promises to be an intense weekend of first hand experience.

I recently, spontaneously decided to apply for an exhibition booth at the convention. Taking leave of all inhibition and good sense I leapt at the opportunity to show my work in such a prolific artistic environment. Through several fortuitous twists of fate I managed to get a booth.

I've never attended Comicon before, so I'm not totally sure what to expect, outside of lots of scary costumes, pop culture fanfare and something like 60,000 people milling around gaping at things(am I close?).

I've managed to get some prints of my latest pieces, designed some business cards, begged a few artists to get input on convention survival, ect. But the main point of this expedition is making contacts. I want to meet some local artists doing similar work, potential clients and (crosses fingers) job opportunities. 

SO... here goes everything. Come say hi if you're around! BOOTH .308