Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black Lodge Coffee

20+ years ago, growing up wrapped in the relative safety of conservative middle class america, it is easy to say that the imagery and ideas of Twin Peaks forever changed me. Weird, dreamlike half memories embedded deep in my temporal lobe surfaced as the years went on. Now, as an adult, watching the series is powerful nostalgia but it has so much deeper, intangible value for me as a really beautiful, inspiring story that was unafraid to encompass the whole spectrum of light and dark. Wonderful writing, characters, photography and compositions(Angelo Badalamenti is incredible).... I hate to try rationalizing the appeal and my attraction to the story for fear of that beautiful, eerie fog lifting.

So instead, here is "The Black Lodge" tribute to Twin Peaks. Mr. Lynch, Mr. Frost, if you're reading this, please continue the series. And I'll sell all my possessions to come work for you (hire me).

  +PLUS+ two current w.i.ps.