Monday, June 1, 2015


More personal work. Experimenting with visual effects.

© Ryan Christensen 2015

© Ryan Christensen 2015

Unprepared, exploratory design in the digital medium can sometimes feel maddening due simply to the sheer enormity of possibilities. Radical changes can be made instantly at any point in the process and then iterated upon, endlessly.

In production, working within the established parameters of the project, that ability is wonderful. Blue sky ideation is something else entirely.

I love both approaches. There is such an empowering feeling designing something through exploration and intuition. The advantages are in producing something unique and intrinsically valuable at a heightened cost of energy. Where the exchange in rigid development is ideally for efficiency and accuracy.

Balancing both worlds is undoubtedly the highest function of a professional designer and I work constantly to further hone my affinity for both facets as I progress.